About Us

Hawk Eyes Security 

Hawk Eyes Security is an Australasian company with extensive coverage across Melbourne.

Our services include

Security GuardsCampus Security
Corporate SecuritySecurity Patrols
Event SecurityStatic Guarding
Mobile PatrolsAlarm Response
Private SecurityManned Services
Loss PreventionConcierge


Hawk Eyes Security can also provide assistance in other business areas if suitable to the role of security.

As a result of our hard work and dedicated services since forming in 2008, Hawk Eyes Security has been able to grow into a national security company.

Our office is located at Footscray Market, level 2, 81 Hopkins St Footscray, Melbourne. From here we support our sites and our channel partners across Victoria.

This expansion was made possible by building strong relationships based on high levels of professionalism and attention to client needs.

This growth has also allowed us to offer a more comprehensive service, competitive pricing, and a wider set of skills and capabilities that only comes from a company with the scope of Hawk Eyes Security.


We are 100% owned by management and staff.

We promote from within, train our staff to the highest levels and offer an incentive to those staff to provide service levels above the expectations of our clientele. Staff training is systemic within our structure and our company culture ensures that high achievers are rewarded and retained, this once again results in our service exceeding customer expectations.


Hawk Eyes Security has a large network of staff in Melbourne Victoria.

Hawk Eyes Security’s Senior Management, IT and Tech support, Payroll services, HR, Accounting and Financial teams are all based in our office in Melbourne.

The expansion of our business network is set to continue over the months to come as we capitalise on newly acquired skills within the new staff that we have access to both in Victoria. This, in turn, will offer greater service capability to our customers whilst ensuring that we keep costs down for your business.